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Aluminium is clearly my "canvas" of choice. When you consider the amazing effects actieved with this surface, you 'll jump ship faster than you can change a color cup. With metal, you' re able to create depth - perceptually to the extent of a hologram! - far beyond that of canvas.
Mark Remling has been painting professionally for more then 15 years. Mark is also a tech specialist and teaches his groundbraking techniques on workshop videos and writes for successful magazines like AIR Brush Action.
These photos are screenshots from Mark's highly detailed step-by-step workshop videos. They teach you how to grind and paint on metal for one of the hottest kustom kulture applications and art crazes.
Mark mastered the art of clearcoating, wet-sanding, various spraygun methods and everything around airbrush art. The results are asthonishing and surprise many art lovers. If you are interested to see more of Remlings art contact us - we would love to present you with many more of his amazing works"
AIR Brush Action
Issue: Feb. 2004 and June 2005
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